What About Bill

It all started with: ‘You have straight lines, curved lines, and lines that show motion…very good!’ my 7th-grade art teacher looking at one of my paintings in art class. I couldn’t wait to get to math class. I’ve always had a love for both the creative and the quantitative.

I feel the french curve and Fibonacci numbers exemplifies this. What a union of a free-flowing artistic element that is created by exhilarating math.

While still young, architecture caught my interest as well as the interior design usage of moldings and millworks. Again, the shapes and curves were quite special while also being combined with the 3rd dimension of one’s straight forward visual design.

Well, in addition to the paintbrush, pen and paint, I grew a great interest in computers and their associated design work. I have found the computer to be an amazing tool for creating beautiful artwork… as long as one has a true feel for what the art is to end up being.

Today, I spend most of my time creating art with tools such as Photoshop. I must admit my anxiousness for when there will be 3D brushes so one can create 3D artwork printable on 3D printers is unbridled. Truly 3D artwork where textures, shadows and visual contrasting will soon become a reality.

On a more personal note, although raised in Cleveland, my wife Sondra and I enjoy having planted down in the greater Boise, Idaho area. While a growing location, it continues to retain its natural beauty and the overwhelming natural capture of the entire state of Idaho.